Mayor Bill Deblasio struck by electric scooter

Socialist mayor of New York Bill DeBlasio was hit by an electric scooter in New York today. Apparently, DeBlasio was struck on the arm by a man and his daughter riding the scooter. He wasn’t injured, although the riders had some scrapes and bruises. Coincidentally, DeBlasio is a huge fan of electric vehicles, who recently […]

This is what happens when you disband the police

The NYPD has waged a successful battle against crime in the city for decades. Now it appears that they’re losing – not through any fault of their own, but because of the actions of cowardly politicians. In response to national anti-police protests, New York City announced the disbanding of its plainclothes anti-crime units, which were […]

President Trump’s primary vote totals are shockingly high

Pundits are starting to predict a Joe Biden landslide in November. But they may be getting ahead of themselves. According to a recent article by the New York Post, President Trump has been running up big numbers in the primaries, despite the fact that he’s running virtually unopposed. The Post notes: …in 23 of the […]