Hillary Clinton spotted at hospital where Bill Clinton was admitted for an infection

Former President Bill Clinton generated headlines last week when it was suddenly announced that he had been admitted to UC Irvine Medical Center for an undisclosed “infection,” though it was noted in early reports that the situation wasn’t related to COVID-19. According to Fox News, numerous reporters stationed outside of the hospital on Saturday, after […]

Manchin stands firm, demands Dems scrap $150 billion proposal

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is reportedly standing firm against his fellow Democrats, demanding that $150 billion in climate initiatives be removed from a $3.5 trillion spending bill. Progressives are trying to pass the legislation, which allocates massive amounts of funding for social and environmental programs and which is backed by President Joe Biden’s […]

Staffer to House sergeant-at-arms arrested on 10 counts of child porn possession

In a shocking development out of the nation’s capital, a 41-year-old man working as an assistant to the sergeant-at-arms of the U.S. House of Representatives was arrested last week on 10 counts of child pornography possession, as reported by The Hill. According to Fairfax County, Virginia police, Stefan Bieret was taken into custody on multiple […]

Biden bizarrely claims to ‘like kids better than people’ at Connecticut event

Amid plummeting approval ratings and unrelenting crises less than one year into his term, President Joe Biden attempted to take solace among a group of friendly children in Connecticut on Friday during an event at which he made the bizarre – and indeed shocking – declaration on camera that he likes “kids better than people,” […]

Conservative members of Biden’s Supreme Court commission step down from panel

Just as the commission tasked by President Joe Biden with exploring possible changes to the United States Supreme Court releases a draft report of its deliberations, The Hill has revealed that two of the group’s conservative members have decided to leave the panel. According to the outlet, the resignations were received from former Clarence Thomas […]

Biden administration poised to restart Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

In a significant vindication of one of former President Donald Trump’s signature immigration policies, President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced that it plans to restart the so-called “Remain in Mexico” protocol next month in the wake of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling requiring it to do so, as Fox News reports. […]

Federal appeals court denies request from Biden’s DOJ to pause Texas abortion bill

The controversial anti-abortion bill recently passed in Texas triggered pro-abortion Democrats and activists in a big way — to the degree that it caught the immediate attention of President Joe Biden’s Justice Department, which immediately went after the state. But according to The Daily Wire, Biden’s DOJ took yet another loss in its attempt to […]

Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg on paternity leave as supply chain crisis worsens

As ongoing supply chain bottlenecks contribute to rising empty shelves and rising anxiety leading into the holiday shopping season, the Cabinet-level official presumably responsible for addressing the situation – Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg – has reportedly been out on paternity leave for roughly two months to care for newborn twins, as the New York Post […]

Biden admin announces it’s reinstating Trump-era border policy

The Biden administration plans to reinstate the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy, which sent migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. back to Mexico while they awaited a hearing, the Department of Justice said in a court filing Thursday. The Biden administration has no love for the policy, which is officially known as the Migrant Protection […]

Biden admin to remove original Taliban-era Afghans from terror travel lists: Report

Just when one would think President Joe Biden’s administration couldn’t possibly screw up the Afghanistan situation more than it already has, it does exactly that. According to a Fox News exclusive report, documents obtained by the network revealed the shocking news that the Biden administration plans to remove several Taliban-era Afghan civil servants — people […]