Pelosi calls for prosecution of colleagues

How’s this for “healing?” Nancy Pelosi is calling for the prosecution of her congressional colleagues that don’t agree with her politically. And she’s not alone – dozens of her fellow House Democrats are jumping on the banana republic bandwagon too.  According to Sara Carter: This past week, more and more Democrats have expressed interest in […]

Joe Biden will face articles of impeachment on day one


Democrats have set the precedent of using impeachment as a partisan political weapon. Now they’re about to get a taste of their own medicine. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) announced Thursday she will file articles of impeachment against Biden on his first day as president.  Here’s the kicker – Republicans are not that far off […]

Kamala Harris’s father may not attend the inauguration, despite living nearby

It appears that Kamala Harris’s troubled relationship with family may extend to inauguration day. The Washington Examiner reports: When Kamala Harris is sworn in as the first female and first black vice president of the United States next week, her Washington, D.C.-based father may not be in attendance. Harris’s father lives barely a mile from […]

Tucker Carlson reveals the truth about impeachment

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you now know that President Trump has been impeached on a rushed schedule with little official resistance from Republican leadership. If you’re confused about why Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy aren’t defending President Trump from the rushed impeachment railroading in Congress, Tucker Carlson has some knowlege to drop […]

Two thirds of Republicans are ready to vote for Trump in 2024

The political class may have abandoned President Trump, but the base is still solidly with him. John Nolte writes: We now have two polls that show the fake media’s current gaslighting campaign is not working. As of today, Rasmussen Reports shows President Donald Trump’s approval rating stands at a healthy 46 percent, and Rasmussen is one […]

Fox host Martha McCallum removed from evening news slot


Things are changing at Fox News, and that’s largely because the big boss, Rupert Murdoch is back in charge. Murdoch has always been keenly in touch with what audiences want, and he appears to be picking up on the fact that the majority of Fox viewers are fed up with the network. Murdoch’s influence has […]

Numbers show Americans oppose impeachment

Once again, the Democrats are squandering their advantage. After rioters stormed the capital, the Democrats had the advantage and they used it, plastering images of anti-police violence all over the airwaves to a shocked American public. It was a bad look for most Americans, and if they’d have left it alone, it would have been […]

Expel Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz from the senate, says top Dem

If you had any doubts about whether Democrats were going for a full-blown purge, you should know now. Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown just called for the expulsion of Republicans Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, after they voted to object to electoral college certification in favor of a voter fraud audit on January 6th. Brown said: […]

Nancy Pelosi called out in front of the country – on network TV

In one of the most shocking media twists of the last couple of years, Nancy Pelosi finally faced some scrutiny on a major network TV interview. It shouldn’t be shocking to see mainstream journalists do their job, but it is. The moment occurred on CBS’s 60 minutes. Anchor Leslie Stahl confronted Pelosi on her hardball […]

Antifa attacks federal buildings and political opponents – left is silent

The media is gleefully covering the disgraceful attack on the capitol building 24/7 because it makes conservatives and President Trump look bad. But they’re not covering other disgraceful acts by Antifa, because it would make Dems look bad. That’s emboldening Antifa, and they’re taking advantage. Fox News reports: Dozens of black-clad demonstrators swarmed a trio […]