Video of Harris’ cringe-worthy 2019 Thanksgiving cooking tips goes viral

It’s not a secret that Vice President Kamala Harris is one of the most unpopular, unliked politicians — and vice presidents — in modern American history. Her embarrassing polling numbers prove it on a weekly basis. Around the Thanksgiving holidays, as Americans struggled to afford common items for holiday get-togethers, a video circulated of then-candidate […]

Michael Cohen claims authorities have evidence to ‘indict Donald Trump tomorrow’

Disgraced former lawyer for Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, returned to the public eye over the weekend with an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press and told program moderator Chuck Todd that in his estimation, those conducting two ongoing probes of the former president’s business dealings already possess sufficient evidence to issue indictments, as Breitbart reports. […]

All eyes are on Justice Thomas as SCOTUS gears up for Mississippi abortion case

The Supreme Court is set to hear its first potentially landmark case since former President Donald Trump stacked the high court with conservatives during his term in the White House, and the possible outcome of the case has pro-abortion Democrats worried. In a recent piece originally published by The Washington Post, it was noted that […]

SCOTUS to hear oral arguments this week in potentially pivotal abortion case

On Wednesday, the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments in a Mississippi case that may well be the most significant abortion controversy to come before the justices since Roe v. Wade, and emotions are running high on both sides of the highly contentious issue. As The Hill reports, the high court will consider a […]

Oklahoma bill would protect law-abiding citizens from ‘malicious prosecution’

Days after Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted on homicide charges in the shooting deaths of two men during riots last year in Wisconsin, an Oklahoma Republican state senator has introduced legislation to protect citizens of his state who act in self-defense from “malicious prosecution.” Rittenhouse killed two men and injured another last August in Kenosha as […]

US diplomat: ‘All options’ on table amid Russian troop buildup at Ukraine border

Amid recent news that Russia has initiated a “large and unusual” – and potentially warlike – buildup of troops along the border with Ukraine, a top State Department diplomat has revealed that “all options are on the table” with regard to a possible response, as Reuters reports. According to Karen Donfried, assistant secretary of state […]

SCOTUS to hear potential landmark abortion case stemming from Mississippi law

Supreme Court

The first true test of former President Donald Trump’s conservative majority Supreme Court will begin on Dec. 1, as the justices will begin to hear arguments in an abortion case that could, one way or another, impact the abortion issue for generations to come. According to Fox News, the high court is set to hear […]

Nantucket man flips off Biden during Thanksgiving visit to Coast Guard station

A Nantucket man was not afraid to make his feelings toward Joe Biden known as the president visited the Massachusetts island’s Coast Guard station on Thanksgiving. And the man apparently didn’t even need to use his words to make his point — one finger did the trick, according to a White House pool report. “Friendly […]