‘Canceled in the USA’: Dan Bongino to host Fox Nation series on cancel culture

As any Fox News fan knows — there’s absolutely nobody on the network more fired up over today’s issues than host Dan Bongino.

According to The Hill, Bongino, who already hosts a popular podcast and a Saturday night show on the cable news giant, will soon be presenting a five-part streaming series on Fox Nation in which Bongino will “do a deep dive into the movement known as ‘cancel culture.'”

According to a statement from Fox News, the show is titled, “Canceled in the USA.”

The series, which will first air on Fox Nation on July 19, will cover a number of situations in which people, from celebrities to business leaders, have experienced the wrath of the left’s powerful cancel culture tactics.

The first episode will feature a man by the name of Sam Johnson, who worked as the CEO of a medical technology company. Johnson was fired from his company after he called a teenage boy who wore a red dress to his high school prom an “idiot,” according to People.

In later episodes, Bongino will sit down with celebrities like Adam Corolla and Gilbert Gottfried, who will speak about their experiences in facing today’s cancel culture mentality.

Fans will likely be especially interested in the fifth episode of the series, in which Bongino will touch on today’s most controversial topic, Critical Race Theory. The Fox News host will reportedly sit down with parents in Virginia who’ve pushed back on school districts in their area that have tried to introduce CRT to students.

“The parents of Loudon County in Virginia are standing up and loudly opposing the introduction of critical race theory into their public schools. Bongino will offer a look back at how the previous guests didn’t succumb to their cancelations and instead managed to thrive in the wake of their public shaming,” the Fox News statement noted.

Bongino, who regularly fills in for some of Fox News’ highest-rated hosts, will undoubtedly do a fantastic job exposing the left’s asinine cancel culture movement.