Calls intensify for Maxine Waters’ expulsion from Congress

Racial tensions have been rising as the country awaited a verdict in the murder case against the former Minneapolis police officer accused of killing George Floyd, and incendiary comments made over the weekend by one Democrat congresswoman have prompted at least one popular pundit to call for that lawmaker’s ouster.

During Monday’s installment of Fox Nation’s Final Thoughts, commentator Tomi Lahren slammed Rep. Maxine Waters for encouraging protestors to “get more confrontational” if Derek Chauvin was not convicted of murder, arguing that those comments render her unfit to remain in Congress.

Lahren’s take came in the aftermath of Waters’ appearance in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on Saturday, where demonstrators had gathered in protest of the police-involved death of Daunte Wright earlier this month. The 82-year-old Democrat told those assembled that unless a verdict of “guilty, guilty, guilty” was rendered against Chauvin – the former officer accused of killing George Floyd last May – that they needed to “stay on the street…get more active…get more confrontational.”

In making those remarks, Lahren argued, Waters was “proudly, publicly and unapologetically inciting riots, violence, lawlessness and thuggery,” and the commentator further lamented that “[Waters’] party, the mainstream media, collective Left and big tech henchmen don’t see a thing wrong with it.”

Lahren went on to assert that Waters’ decision to cross state lines to encourage civic unrest and ignore the law is part of a larger plan to “divide us by race, by political party, by class and watch us battle and tear down one another,” and warrants her removal from Congress.

Sentiments about the egregiousness of the congresswoman’s remarks were echoed by a number of prominent Republicans on Monday, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who vowed to introduce a resolution to censure Waters for her conduct, as Politico noted, though Democrats successfully blocked that move on Tuesday afternoon.

McCarthy expressed his belief that the California Democrat “finds value in violence,” and pointed out that this was not the first time she had fomented unrest as a way to achieve political objectives, as Fox News separately reported. Indeed, back in 2018, she exhorted a crowd in her home state to “get in the face” of Trump administration members they encountered in public, and explained at an event in New York City that she felt “inspired to “go and take Trump out.”

Though McCarthy’s resolution only involved a censure of the liberal lawmaker, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene earlier expressed her intention of taking things a big step further by pledging a resolution of her own to expel Waters from Congress altogether, as Breitbart noted.

Given that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made it known on Monday that she sees no reason for her colleague to apologize, there was never much chance that any Republican resolution to sanction Waters would gain sufficient traction for passage. Nevertheless, is important for the appalling hypocrisy of Democrats who take no issue with what Waters said – but impeached former President Trump for far less – to be called out as loudly and as often as possible.

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  1. If they can hold Trump for insiting a inserrection the should go for Waters. Our justice system is BLIND. The Democrats are trying to change the world an we the should speak up an defend our rights.

  2. The Jan 6 riot was called an insurrection by a certain party. Shouldn’t that certain party call Waters an insurrectionist?
    To claim she should not apologize for her actions which is far worse than anything Trump did, should she not be impeached and kicked to the curb? It is time for a reality check. Violence should not be tolerated and encouraging it is even worse.

  3. People like Maxine Waters spend their time trying to divide Americans for their own political gain. Amazes me we have such angry racist people like her in Congress. She seems only to exude hate at every opportunity.

  4. Without maxie pad’s encouragement, thanks to the bammy family, they have been getting more confrontational for the last 12+ years, this is not new, which is why we are having so much unrest now. They have everything, but don’t go for it 99% of the time, so whose fault is this really? So many opportunities, but there is that fringe group who still wants everything for free. There is that segment who don’t listen to the radio, TV, read a newspaper, anything, who just listen to a few and believe everything they say without researching for themselves, there is that segment who are raking in millions of dollars and they only ones benefitting are those on the receiving end, for clothes, bling, new homes, cars, but nothing to the communities that are suppose to be benefitting from that money. Change does need to be made as far as race goes, but it needs to be change on BOTH sides of the coin.

  5. Why is it the democrats say and do whatever they want? There seems to be no boundaries to what they can say and do. There seems to be no repercussions for anything they say and do. But a republican says or does something that a democrat doesn’t like and every single democrat sticks together to put the screws to them and of course some of the republican’s RINO’s join in. This is proving that TRUMP should start another party because the republicans are too weak to stick together and beat the democrats at there own game. As an independent its become very tiring watch this same thing happen over and over again.

    1. There are repercussion for what is happening right now Read the Second Amendment We the People have the right to disband the government when it because tranical. All we need to make it more legal is for slow Joe to walk around with a crown

  6. Why are republicans letting this slide once again ? If a Republican said anything like this, they would be thrown out of office. Maxine is shameful and as a member of congress , she should respect the law and our judicial system.

    1. I agree with you Laura.This has been going on far to long. RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENTS COME. SO GREATFUL 4 JUDICIAL WATCH TOM FITTON.

    2. Republicans vs Democrats ……..
      Republicans believe our nation is the greatest in the world. Democrats despise our nation.
      Republicans believe our nation should abide by decent laws, etc. Democrats work like dogs to destroy laws AND decency.
      Republicans want America to do well, look well, an be well. Democrats are doing everything they can think of to DESTROY OUR COUNTRY.
      Republicans have kept America going while the Democrats are doing all they can think of to totally DESTROY it.

    3. You saw tRUMP act like that everyday and never had a problem, never spoke up, never complained then, but she’s a Democrat so she has no rights of free speech mostly because she’s black.
      You must be one of those White Supremacists Cult members.

      1. Trump was impeached for no reason at all yet maxine can say and do anyting she wants and get away
        away with it. DOUBLE STANDARD

      2. Trump was impeached TWICE in the democrat controlled House with NO guilt! Mad Maxine is on camera inciting riots and burning building and getting in Republicans faces and causing chaos! How is that fair?

  7. Now I’m no genius , I’m a high school grad, 72 years old , have common sense. The reason the demorats are able to get away with what they are doing, is very simple as I see it, under Obama who recreated the use of race card and hollering racist and anything the republicans objected to , now the Harris-Obiden administration continues that routine, trying to make Americans hate each other continuing the race game whites against blacks, so while we’re all fighting in the trenches, our eyes are not on them so they are slipping “Edicts, Executive Orders, funding communist through BLM,and now through professional sports , by the time we are aware of any actions they had taken it’s to late,it’s already signed sealed and delivered

    1. I agree 100%. So anti American, to line their pockets, take control and turn America into a Communist Country.

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