Calls for Biden impeachment are becoming mainstream

I’m not quite sure what to think of freshman representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. I do know that she seems to be unafraid to go after President Biden. And that has Biden and his team panicking. I’ll explain why.

(I wish more Republicans had the same enthusiasm – looking at you Mitch McConnell.)

Greene made headlines this week by posting a strong message directed straight at the White House. “It’s time. Impeach. Convict. Remove.”

Biden and the media will outwardly brush this off as so much big talk. But words have consequences.

Remember the early years of the Trump administration when Republicans had control of Congress and the White House? Impeachment wasn’t possible. The Dems just didn’t have the votes.

But despite that, supposedly “fringe” Democrats like Maxine Waters and Al Green repeatedly called for Trump’s impeachment like a constant drumbeat.

And in 2018, when the Democrats took over Congress, the supposedly fringe opinion became mainstead. And impeach was exactly what they did. Twice.

Biden knows this. He knows that every time a Republican stands up and calls for his impeachment, it’s another step towards that becoming a reality after the 2022 midterms.

He’s terrified. It’s time to keep the pressure on.