Californians launch attack on Kamala Harris during campaign appearance for Gavin Newsom

California voters showed up en mass to protest Vice President Kamala Harris’ support of California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) at a Wednesday rally in San Diego. 

Journalists and citizen demonstrators uploaded footage of the event, showing voters calling out the Vice President, and showing their disdain for their current governor in the fiercely blue state.

“Californians rallied to protest @KamalaHarris for her involvements in #RecallNewso campaign and ignorance on the current national crisis. You need to take care of your job before trying to ‘help’ other lagging mates. Is she helping Newsom at all? #WeHaveAStateToSave #YesOnRecall,” Equal Rights California tweeted.

Local news also covered the event with Fox News San Diego’s Ashley Zavala reporting that the Newsom rally protest grew to a fever pitch when Harris made her appearance, presumably to offer a helping hand in what could be an historic recall effort in the Golden State:

“The protest outside of Gov. Newsom’s rally only gets louder as VP Kamala Harris takes the stage,” Zavala reported, along with photos of the event.

Twitter users also shoed their disgust with both Newsom and the vice president’s support for the embattled governor, seeming to indicate that Harris might not have been lending much credibility to Newsom’s cause:

“She’s not even fit to be a Vice President, she just has to take care of illegal immigrants that she let in , I say she , because SHE was supposed to go to the borders and never even got close to them , I should protest against her and Newsom! If he wins , I sure will,” said one user.

Another pointed out the irony of Harris being brought to save anything, when she couldn’t save herself while she ran for president during the 2020 general election:

“To save the embattled governor, bring out the one presidential candidate that didn’t get a single delegate in the primary and is generally disliked anywhere she has a resume bullet.”