California state legislature passes bill for 2 weeks paid time off for COVID

The California state legislature has passed a bill that would allow two weeks of paid time off for those who are diagnosed with COVID-19, according to The Washington Examiner

According to the publication, the legislation is an amendment to the mandatory benefits package that gives workers a regular three days sick leave per year. 

The previous mandate from the state was a program that offered extra paid time off on top of the mandated time off due to the ongoing state-wide allowances for the pandemic. 

“By extending sick leave to front-line workers with COVID and providing support for California businesses, we can help protect the health of our workforce while also ensuring that businesses and our economy are able to thrive,” said California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The previous program expired previously, leaving potential sufferers without a buffer for the time taken away from their jobs. The new bill is expected to be on Newsom’s desk following its pass through the state Assembly with a 55-7 vote and the state Senate with a 30-7 vote Monday.

The new leave program will be retroactive to Jan. 1 and last until Sept. 30, however, not everyone is delighted about the idea of the mandated spending for employers. 

“Another game spending money they don’t have but Pelosi will give!! Typical Dem politics!!” said one social media user who weighed in on the proposed law. 

“Connect the dots… This might be just another way to artificially inflate the numbers…,” said another user … If a ‘vax passport’ is required to eat at a restaurant then a doctor’s note needs to be required *UP FRONT* to qualify for those two weeks off!!” the Facebook user went on.