California-based federal judge throws out Trump lawsuit against Twitter

In the wake of Twitter banning former President Donald Trump from the platform after it claimed he broke their terms of service after the events of Jan. 6, the former president and his legal team took the left-leaning company to court.

However, according to Fox Business, after attempting to sue Twitter for what Trump’s lawyers claim are multiple violations, including violations against other conservatives who they claim were censored simply for speaking their opinions and viewpoints, a federal judge just trashed the entire case. 

Twitter banned Trump permanently from his wide-reaching, highly influential Twitter account after the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, claiming Trump had incited what the left still describes as an “insurrection” on Capitol Hill that day.

“U.S. District Court Judge James Donato granted Twitter’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit on Friday,” Fox noted.

Trump’s lawyers will have an opportunity, by May 27, to file an amended complaint, but noted that “it cannot contain any new claims or defendants without prior permission from the court.”

In the original lawsuit, Trump’s legal team alleged in its court filing that Twitter had violated the former president’s constitutionally granted First Amendment rights. They also claimed that the ban on Trump’s account was using “deceptive and misleading practices” that are illegal under Florida state law, where the lawsuit was originally filed before being moved to California.

Not surprisingly, leftist organizations celebrated the California federal judge’s ruling on Friday, though they failed to take into account Trump’s latest statement in which he clearly showed no interest in returning to Twitter, even if the company’s new owner, Elon Musk, reinstates his account.

Trump has stated openly that he plans to exclusively communicate through his own social media platform, called Truth Social, from here on out, Fox News reported.