Cali Gov. Newsom ‘hopeful’ VP Harris will eventually become president

While there have been plenty of rumbles from the depths of the Democratic Party regarding Vice President Kamala Harris’ dim prospects for beating a strong Republican challenger if she’s the nominee for the White House in 2024, at least one old liberal friend has her back.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), one of Harris’ old pals from her home state, said over the weekend that he’s “hopeful” Harris will someday become the U.S. president, Breitbart reports

“I’m hopeful that she’s the next president of the United States,” the governor said during an interview with the San Fransisco Chronicle. He was also asked about his potential future presidential intentions, which triggered his “Kamala first” response so as to not jump in line.

“Yeah, I mean, I have sub-zero interest. It’s not even on my radar,” Newsom said of any intention he would have of running in the near future.

The backing doesn’t mean much at this point in time, as Breitbart noted that Harris is the only person in politics who makes President Joe Biden’s polling numbers look decent.

Harris has completely plummeted in at least one recent major approval poll, scoring a humiliating 28% of respondents who approve of how “she’s handling her job.” In stark contrast, a staggering 62% said the opposite, putting her approval numbers deep underwater.

Biden, meanwhile, is also suffering in the approval department, scoring most recently a 39% approval rating, which spells really bad news for Democratic candidates as the November midterms draw near.

While Harris might have once correctly thought that she had at least a fighting chance at taking the White House, after this string of disasters over the past year and half with her administration, Democrats will be lucky to elect one of their own to the presidency in the next 12 years.