Buffalo resident calls for law-abiding citizens to be armed in wake of mass shooting

Anti-gun Democrats will swear up and down all day long that the best way to reduce gun violence is to take all guns away from everyone, including law-abiding citizens. Not only is it a foolish, unrealistic, anti-Constitutional suggestion, but it’s also quite dangerous.

According to Townhall, one Buffalo, New York resident, in the wake of a deadly mass shooting committed by a teenaged white supremacist, argued that the answer to defeat such evil is to arm more law-abiding citizens with firearms so that there’s an increased chance at stopping mass shooters or at least mitigating body counts.

Inside the store, called Tops, where most of the mass shooting took place, the only armed person inside was a former police chief called Aaron Salter, who was able to return fire at the gunman before ultimately being shot and killed.

One witness to the horrific event argued that if there were more people inside the store who were legally armed, the chances of the shooter killing 10 people would have drastically been reduced, as multiple shoppers could have engaged him during his rampage.

“This is ridiculous. Something has to change from the bottom to the top. If they are not going to do something, we have to do something. This is ridiculous,” the unnamed witness told Fox News.

They added: “After the security guard got shot, he got a gun shooting people still. If more people were armed and knew what they were doing with the gun… I just hope something comes from this.”

Unfortunately for citizens of Buffalo or anywhere else in New York, it’s one of the most difficult states in which to obtain a concealed carry license. Basically, the applicant has to jump through major hoops, and have connections in order to have even a remote chance at obtaining a permit.

“Local law enforcement has discretion in determining whether or not to issue a concealed weapons license to an applicant. An applicant must provide four character references and the reason for the application for a carry license,” the state’s “may issue” laws state.

Meanwhile, Democrats, including President Joe Biden, will continue to milk every ounce of political gain out of the Buffalo shooting, given that the shooter was white, and continue to remain largely silent on previous mass shootings that were committed by Black Americans.