Britney Spears conservatorship suspended

Pop icon Britney Spears got some good news on Wednesday when a judge finally ended the singer’s 13-year conservatorship, according to The Washington Examiner

The publication reported that Spears’ father is no longer in control of her life and moneys saying that the judge asserted that the arrangement “reflects a toxic environment.”

Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny handed down the long-awaited verdict in favor of the singer. The judge agreed with Spears’ attorney, Mathew Rosengart, who said dear old dad needed to give up his role. 

This is a big win for Spears who has been in the spotlight more than ever since June when she was part of what the Examiner called “dramatic hearings” to please her case. 

“The current situation is untenable,” Penny said after hearing arguments from both sides. “It reflects a toxic environment which requires the suspension of James Spears.”

The “untenable” situation came to be in 2008 when Brittney’s dad, James Spears, asked for a conservatorship and primary control after what appears to be unstable actions on the part of his daughter, the singer. 

James Spears reversed his take in recent weeks, however, and himself asked the court to end the conservatorship, but not without nationwide outrage on behalf of his adult daughter. 

Included in the restrictions on the pop singer was the adherence to her conservator’s every demand, including about who she spoke with, what she wore, and what medications she took.

Brittney Spears management team talked about her the way one might expect the owner and rider of a champion racehorse. At one juncture she was forced to take a job she was not medically cleared to take due to the “undue stress” it was causing her. The resolution to that problem was an increase in medication: 

“There’s different dosages on ‘non-work days’ and work days,’” radio host Eliscu said while looking at paperwork on Spears medical history. “On one hand, Jamie and the team valued the benefits of stimulants for Britney’s performance. This had been the case for her tours and for her participation on ‘The X Factor.’ By the same token, Jamie wanted Britney not to take stimulants.”