BREAKING: White House Makes SHOCKING Statement – Full Fascism

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Lyin biden (@guest_382298)
16 days ago

The Arizona audit has proven that the democrats committed massive voter fraud

Biden is a illegitimate president

No democrat can proven they were elected.

Anyone blocking, threatening, or investigating election audits or stricter voting laws is now a criminal treasonous insurecctionist or aiding and abetting a treasonous insurecctionist.

Every democrat in America needs to be arrested.

James may (@guest_382299)
Reply to  Lyin biden
16 days ago

You are right.

The democrats are done. Their voter fraud has been exposed and now it is time to never vote for and liberal or Democrat every again

Carolyn (@guest_382300)
Reply to  James may
16 days ago

We knew he lost the min we see over 100 thousabd votes swith from Trump to Biden in a matter of seconds seen it with our own eyes he couldnt pull his head out his ass to win any other way deep deep state bs..

cozycalico (@guest_382309)
Reply to  James may
16 days ago

All I care about is getting Biden/Kamala out of our white house and Trump back in where he rightfully belongs. Our country needs Trump more than ever right now.

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