BREAKING: White House Drops ABORTION Bombshell – This Is Crazy

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jake (@guest_392832)
23 days ago

I was hoping the article would say they had made the choice to abort nedlar, schumer, pelosi, harris and biden. After all the democrat standard for abortion is when the child is self ware and clearly none of them are.

Now I am disappointed. they should all be taken to the planned parenthood clinic to be aborted.

cozycalico (@guest_392740)
23 days ago

Why does a woman have the choice to kill another human being? It makes no sense.Instead of killing the innocent baby why not give the baby life and make a couple who can’t conceive happy with a new born by adoption? Killing a person is murder and it shouldn’t matter how young that person is. WE need to promote adoption as an alternative to abortion. My own brother and wife adopted a new born and it was wonderful for them. Not only that but after adopting they then conceived their own later so it was a double blessing. The doctor told them it was because they finally relaxed once they had the adopted baby.

jake (@guest_392834)
Reply to  cozycalico
23 days ago

why are the democrats so desperately supportive of have the “choose” of even post birth abortions while working so hard to force everyone to have covid shots?

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