BREAKING: Trump Makes BIG Statement – Nation Stunned

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2 Responses

  1. I completely agree with him. The election was stolen from President Trump. Biden should never have beenin our White House to soil it like he has. He is truly evil and not helping us at all but He IS destroying my country. I am American born and not by 2 illegal parents that came here pregnant and had a child that was automatically an American citizen which to me is complete and utter nonsense should never happen. That child wasn’t conceived here Mom and Dad aren’t Americans why should that child be in America no absolutely not. Also the illegals Biden has allowed here should be sent back every one of them.

  2. Best news I’ve heard since the fraudulent election! The never Trumpers need to compare what our elected president did in his first term to what the current crop of people are doing to this country. Different as night and day! Biden and administration are literally destroying this country and doing it illegally as President Trump was re-elected.. period! Nothing they decree is legit! We need and want President Donald J Trump to get our country back!

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