BREAKING: Trump Enemy FORCED OUT – He Is Finished

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14 Responses

  1. He needs the $$$. He has been bought and paid for by the oligachs. And those who refuse to oust him are too!!!

  2. In the beginning I liked Mitt Romney, and Then I saw him change and filled with hate for Trump. He allowed this hate to swing toward Dem ideas and has flipped around not knowing how he thinks about things. He needs to get rid of the hate and go forward helping the people, then letting go of the past and ask God to help him overcome and forgive.

  3. If he is so hatted by the Utah GOP then why do they keep electing him hope they have a better candidate to replace him

  4. He is a traitor! It is time he realizes that his tactics are unacceptable to the American people. He flip-flops on every important issue put before him and tends to follow the Democrats no matter how bad the issue is for America. Spineless man! Too old and needs to retire or be retired by the people.

  5. They bood him but did not sanction him. Without sanctions the booing means nothing.

    1. Mitt took a note from the Hillary/Billary liberal playbook! Just switch states if you can’t do what you want where you currently are!! Seems to have backfired on him though! Idiot chose a conservative religious state to move to!

  6. This is exactly what this RINO piece of garbage deserves! He is not the only RINO thatneeds to go.

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