BREAKING: Trump Enemy Buddies Up With Joe Biden – Republicans Furious

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  1. Lizzie Fist pumps The biggest thief in the history of this country…Nice going..You are done in Wyoming!!! Along with another Traitor JOHN KERRY>> Notice how fast they shut that story down..Democrats can do no wrong or I should say they literally get away with murder HEY (Clinton, ring any bells)?? You better learn to fight !!! Call your Senators and say NO! NO! NO! to HR1 CALL THE DEMOCRAT SENATORS A MUST!!!!! FOR G-D SAKE WAKE UP AND FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY>>>

  2. When will this thing change parties. I guess a democrap needs a republican or 2 on there payroll to help run their stupid ideas thru congress.. wyoming only ones that can get rid of this problem… time to let this ship sink

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