BREAKING: Top Republican SHOCKS Democrats – They Are Furious

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  1. Fauci: It’s ‘very important’ to vaccinate your kids, Important to who?
    Now that Trump is out of office, why is it so important to Fauci that we take this vax, what is Fauci putting in it, that he is not telling us. When Trump was in the vax was unsafe, now that Trump is out, it is a wonder drug, strange! The difference a name can make.

  2. MTG is right, AOC is a Twitter wonder, in real life she just will not meet the muster. That is why she wont go on a stage to debate, and explain, and justify her agenda. Things like the green new deal, why it would be so good for the country. Why it would not be good for China. Why she has nothing to say about China’s carbon foot print. Doesn’t she think that China should be making electric cars for China. Why does she support Antifa or BLM terrorist insurgents groups. Why does she support illegals, why does she support human trafficker’s, why does she support drug dealers, why does she support criminal illegals, that injure or kill Americans, why can’t these people fight for their country, are they cowards, so they come here to mess up our country. AOC and the squid squad are a bunch of kids with idealistic ideas, but no common sense as to how to do anything. should not be in congress, to young, no real life experience, needs to come back when she is at least 50.

  3. Sorry but this is important;
    the FBI raided the safety deposit boxes of 800 people in an area the voted for Trump in the 2020 election. They had no warrant, gave no reason, or notification for the raid. they took the contents of all 800 safe deposit boxes. None of the owners of the boxes were told by the FBI or the safety deposit box company, that they were being robbed. When the FBI conducts a raid with out a warrant, this is robbery. It is the targeting of a conservative community by the Democrat in the White House, for political purposes, and it is illegal, it is done at the behest of the president.
    Wrey should be placed on suspension for even allowing this to take place. He is complicit in the illegal search and seizer of private property, for political purposes, and use the FBI to target conservatives, is a violation of their constitutional rights. Also the AG should be removed for directing the FBI to act in an illegal manner, and the president should be remove for violation of the constitution. also the weaponizing of the FBI against American citizens. It is not only a violation of the constitution, it is a violation of his oath of office to serve and protect American citizens, Democrat or Republican. So much for unity.

  4. Looked more like a set up… watch some of the cops wave people into the woke house… piglosi in on it and scummer too… then they shoot someone for guns there but what officers had.. trumpers too the bait and now you will pay and pay and pay.. jail, no bail, jobs lost, no help. Look at blm and they go free after they get into the cop shop..

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