BREAKING: Top Republican EXPOSED – He Helped Democrats…

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BryantGodwin (@guest_384848)
1 month ago

Treason is what there guilty of ! And you know what the punishment is !

Wilma Turcotte (@guest_384835)
1 month ago

It’s hard to try to compete against the democrats with so many RINO turncoats that you need to compete against the other side and need everyone that is suppose to want the same as you but are cosnorting with the other side behind your back. I hope whoever they are that their constituents will remember who they are Nov.2022 as we got to regain control to save this country.. To bad they couldn’t be tried for treason. If you were elected because you were representing one party or the other and you go against the party you were elected for they need to be kicked out as your a traitor.

cozycalico (@guest_384844)
Reply to  Wilma Turcotte
1 month ago

I will only vote for republicans that Trump supports from now on as many are Dems in republican clothing.

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