BREAKING: Top Republican ATTACKED – Racist Leftists Strike

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Nancy (@guest_395860)
16 days ago

That just goes to show you that the idiots in California deserve everything that they get from these As*holes in their government there that don’t give a rats A** about any of them. Their only salvation is to boot Newsom out and put Elder in and then round up these As*holes and put their sorry A**in jail for awhile.

cozycalico (@guest_395565)
17 days ago

Well that is the Democrats for you. Everytime that ad comes on TV supporting Governor Newsom I turn TV off and wait and then turn it on again when I feel it is over. I am not watching that garbage.

Nancy (@guest_395862)
Reply to  cozycalico
16 days ago

If you live in California get out and vote this jerk Newsom out on his butt.

Gerald W Hughes (@guest_395537)
17 days ago

Why do we continue to tolerate the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks.
At this point we all know that talking and voting are not the answer to dealing with the liberal scum?

Nancy (@guest_395864)
Reply to  Gerald W Hughes
16 days ago

Probably not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

graceythecat (@guest_395534)
17 days ago

It appears to be a racist hate crime committed by the racist communist democrat cult party members with a gorilla mask.

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