BREAKING: Top Official Just Resigned – Cracks Are Beginning To Show

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Inez O’Brien (@guest_382258)
10 days ago

I have friends who fled Cuba years ago. They tell me friends who did not see what was coming have led a hard life with few of the necessities they need. I am not surprized that whomever disagrees with the regime faces an uncertain future.

Angelika (@guest_382256)
11 days ago

Maybe the people of Cuba will WIN their fight for FREEDOM without any outside HELP….

Terryr (@guest_382245)
11 days ago

Here is an opportunity for our President (I got the power) Biden to show he cares about the people who were force into communism and now want out. But so far we have not heard anything from our Manchurian candidate president. This is his chance to help the people of Cuba and get rid of the communist regime by freeing the Cuban people from the socialist communist dictatorship 90 miles from our shores. This is your chance to prove you are capable of being a President, but unfortunately the citizens of our once great country are certain you cannot remove a communist dictatorship because you are in bed with the Chinese communist party

Philip (@guest_382248)
Reply to  Terryr
11 days ago

Our “president,” President Trump, NOT the installed-usurper Joe Biden, HAS had his authority stolen by the communist party. Usurper-in-Chief Biden does NOT want legitimate refugees fleeing a leftist tyranny to come here, they will not be Democrat Party sycophants and voters; they will, once becoming legal voters, most-likely vote for the party that OPPOSES their former oppressors, not support them as the Biden Politburo does, and that does NOT bode well for the closet-communist Democrats.

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