BREAKING: Top Democrat Makes DESPERATE Plea – He’s Panicking

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Nancy (@guest_386383)
1 month ago

Screw that worm. He killed thousands of the elderly with out him so much as uttering a sorry to their families. He destroyed thousands of peoples lives with his incompetence during lockdowns .Hopefully he will be impeached and ran out of town on a rail where he belongs. Let him move to California and live next to Piglosy who could care less about anyone other then herself too.

Stephen Russell (@guest_386371)
1 month ago

Resigned already

David Ballard (@guest_386295)
1 month ago

All the current investigations into Cuomo must be completed timely and any findings made public. If crimes were actually committed by Cuomo, he must be held fully accountable for his actions. His tenure as governor of New York, or any other public office cannot be used to mitigate any charges or consequences that are due him.

Linda (@guest_386310)
Reply to  David Ballard
1 month ago

I agree with you 100%.. He is not above the law and no better than anyone else. He is overdue to be kicked out and overdue to be punished for that, and his sexual harassment. He has taken up enough time trying to be a big star. GET HIM OUT NOW!!! No deals. Act professional and stop this non sense.

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