BREAKING: Top Democrat BLASTED For Disgusting Comments – Americans Furious

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7 Responses

  1. They certainly need to be stopped we have a wonderful Country…….she does not have the respect for our wonderful Country, or are citizens…….get her out of here.
    All she does is lie and disgrace our Country…..go home we don’t want you here any longer, you were given a gift to come to America…….you do not deserve to be here,
    Go Home!!!!

  2. death to all democraps in congress aoc/imar all sand niger needs to die by firing squad……………

    1. All right, knock that crap off. We can despise them for what they say and how they act. Not all democrats are nasty. Two in particular are needed to draw the line against the leftist insanity represented by the Squad. Joe Manchin and Tulsi Gabbard are good people who believe in and love our country. They are the hope of the democratic party and I hope that more people join their sensible approach.

  3. How can these criminals get away with still being in congress.. this is not good for any country.. these swamp critters are scraping the bottom of the barrel.. worst lot ever

    1. Looking at the 4 of them is a good picture of why we are having such problems along with Biden/Harris in the White House we are doomed.

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