BREAKING: Top Dem CHARGED… Voter Fraud Case Blown WIDE OPEN

Guillermina Fuentes, the former Democrat mayor of San Luis, Arizona, has been charged in connection with voter fraud allegations during the 2020 presidential election.

FOX10 reported on Wednesday that, “The Arizona attorney general’s office announced on Oct. 5 that Guillermina Fuentes was indicted for voting another person’s early ballot in the August 2020 primary election. She was charged with conspiracy, forgery, and a ballot abuse count.”

The charges against Fuentes demonstrate exactly what Arizona Republicans have been worried about.

Voter fraud is happening, and while this may be one case, it is unknown just how many cases like Fuentes went undiscovered. Fuentes’s case proves that the opportunity to cheat exists, and state governments need to act accordingly.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich issued a statement explaining Fuentes’s crimes saying, “In December 2020, Fuentes was indicted on one count of Ballot Abuse, also known as “ballot harvesting.” That charge, which is also included in the new indictment, alleges that during the August 2020 Primary Election, Fuentes knowingly collected four voted ballots from other persons, in violation of Arizona law.”

Ballot harvesting is something that Republicans have been raising alarms about, and yet the mainstream media has done everything in their power to slander concerned Americans.

The charges against Fuentes serve to vindicate Republicans nationwide who have been vocal in their opposition to mail-in voting. The changes made by Democrats during the 2020 election have made ballot harvesting a more significant problem.

Brnovich’s statement went on to say, “In addition to the Ballot Abuse charge, the new indictment alleges three additional felony charges: Conspiracy, Forgery, and an additional Ballot Abuse count. The new charges allege that Fuentes conspired to obtain and vote the early ballot of another individual in the August 2020 Primary Election.”

Republicans need to keep up efforts to audit elections and expose more cases like Fuentes’s. The integrity of our elections has been compromised, and Americans cannot allow that to continue.