BREAKING: They Have Had Enough – Chaos Spreading

Police Officers are walking away from the job in droves. Now Americans will pay the price as chaos spreads and disorder spreads throughout the United States.

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  1. Democrap new plan. Cop bad, criminals good.. this crap hole they created they can have.. democrap new world order will have the rioters run out business owners who will sell at lowball prices and democraps pals will come in buy all for nothing and clean up the dump and sell for a mint..

    1. This could possibly be a very good thing.
      Why don’t all the police either quit, retire or start another career. Any of those things in itself would be a great way to get rid of all the murderers, rapist or any other law breakers. Just let them kill each other. What a great way to do it legally and, the police would be in the clear.

      1. Worse..I think the Marxist Democrats actually WANT all this violence to happen, and Civilian Police to quit. Then, all the government agencies, and Military can take over policing, and they ALL will be under Biden and Kamala’s control to do whatever they make them do, including , as Kamala Said: “Getting revenge on all the Trump supporters.” Beware wanting the Police gone….what you might get is a Police Statr, ruled by a Marxist Communist Dictatorship.

      2. Problem is it JUST might be you that gets killed or raped!!! We ALL need LAW and Order in order to live in a free and safe society….I say KEEP he police and hire even more and let them do their job!!! Weed out the bad ones as their arn’t that many of them….

      3. Think on this: If police quit, chaos takes over many major cities, lib mayors declare disaster, Sleepy’s puppetmaster gets him to sign off on [email protected] [email protected], then TA DA, the left wins and they will never let go. Go ahead, look back into history and see if it didn’t happen just this way in other C O M M l E countries.

    2. YES !! I THINK police should move to cities that are red and let the Dem. cities destroy themselves !! LET PORTLAND BURN TO THE GROUND !!

  2. Democrats want Lawlessness and that is just what they are getting in Cities where they don’t want a Trained Police Force to protect American Citizen’s..

  3. In the movie the Purge, the government was also too lazy to deal with criminals and created a day of purge! We have that sort of government with the communist controlled democrats, just lazy pedophile pleasing druggies!

  4. The Liberals started this. We said and some told Liberals crime would skyrocket. They told us to shut the **** up. Now they see what we said. They are the first to call for a cop and can’t figure out why no cop will come to investigate. They told every town to defund their police dept. So we all should tell them what they tell us. ” Live with it”


  6. Follow the communist playbook: create chaos to justify “Red Guard” or other storm troopers bringing “order” to society, even if many thousands of lives are sacrificed.

  7. Our Idiots in DC don’t care. They want to disarm America while they are surrounded by bodyguards. Not all police are perfect, but the prisons are FULL of citizens that are not so perfect.

  8. This is what the power seeking Democrats planed. Devide the country, demonize the police, take away our gun rights, tell the people we are a racist country, tear down cities with riots. Then we are are as a country under their power. Wake up América our liberties are at stake!

  9. I do not blame the police for this mess, the problem is with the democratic party and their leftist policies, this stupid policy of defunding the police and shifting the money to social plans is stupid, in order to maintain the law you need a well armed police force with the backing of the public, I admit there are bad cops, but there are also bad people just look at the destruction being done by the radicals

  10. This is another way of driving the police away from their jobs!!! I don’t blame them, but God help us all in the wake that follows!


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