BREAKING: They Found The Shell Casings – He Fired 8 Rounds – Media Coverup Unravels

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  1. Absolutely so , And if you deal drugs and use drugs you can expect to either be killed by police , or other dealers or your customer or eat to many drugs and overdose. Just like what happened to George Floyd. Yep you live like a thug and you will very easily die like one.

  2. He received and got what he asked for in life!! In life, you are required to learn meanings of “Yes & No and What is Right & Wrong “. If you Do Not learn difference or refuse to obey the rules, your life expectancies most likely will be very short lived sadly!! The Rule of Life says, Be Good OR Be Gone, obey the F ing Rules!!!

  3. The main reason the media didn’t tell us this is so they can continue to sell the left’s line the police are evil and they need to go away, of course no-one has said how to enforce the law without the police, I support the police even though I realize that some of them are bad the vast majority of the police are honest and they are doing their best to defend the law bidding citizens I feel sorry for each one who is killed, but if that is the life style they choose then whatever happens to them is on them and no one else

  4. Police has a hard enough job as it is keeping the public safe !!! Regardless of the age a firing weapon is a threat to anyone in the area – eliminate the threat !!! I firmly believe the police were correct in their decision !!!

  5. I think they have a law that makes it ok to throw a gun in the brush or garbage can when you on the go so you do not get in trouble with Johnny law.. You have to get in touch with Hunter Biden to get the details I know Hunter walking around a trouble-free man

  6. It won’t matter to the media, it doesn’t fit their anti police profile. Just another innocent (not) black person taken away too soon is what they will still preach. How about telling them not to RESIST.

  7. Ongoing criminal narrative by media in spite of evidence. Rioting will be directly a result of their lies.

  8. not a police fault…..where are those parents? better yet, where were those parents in recent past during which time they had obviously been neglectful of this child. so sad for the family, but so much sadder that a cop gets blamed for his demise, cops have a job to do, and if they were responding to “shots fired” he must be taken down. no pity

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