BREAKING: The Media Ends Up With Egg On Their Face – Then Putin Rubs It In

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8 Responses

  1. Biden and his administration are a disaster he has no idea what he is doing and as far as the Russians are concerned they did not do a great job either in Afghanistan and the media with less on their faces, well they do a great job of doing that to themselves

  2. He is a disastor. He needs to head to Delaware and stay there. Everything he does is so outlandish that we have to wonder if he has any brain function left. But he has always been so power hungry he will do anything that is asked of him just to keep this job. How sad for the American people.

    1. Biden is really scaring me with some of the things going on as he hasn’t a clue how to handle anything. I
      m very worried about packing the court but Piglosy actually said something good once so I will give her credit where due. She said she would not bring the subject up for vote. I hope she doesn’t change her mind and do it from pressure. We do not need more on court as 9 has been fine for an awful lot of years. Ginsberg was against packing court and said so before she died.

      1. Pelosi is just stalling. She is saying that NOW, but will actively support court-packing in the very near future!

    2. what better way to ensure that the democrates will be asured to rule for perpetuity.
      it does not matter if there is no USA left, pun intended.
      they do not dare to go the way of Gaddafi or Sadam Hussain. I will bet my bottom dollar that they have given serious thought to the idea of signing an executive order that would make this moronic idiot president for life. but he has seen what ultimately happened to S.H. Gaddaffi Mussolini chauchescue He does not wish to show the American people that he is an panty wearing he/she.

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