BREAKING: Terrorists Make Their Move – They Just Attacked…

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Paul Flint (@guest_380149)
26 days ago

I wanted to post a comment on conservative journal twice an l told the truth on some history an they blocked my post so l blocked their site because they are against the frist amendment another demorat site calming to stand with Republicans

Michael S Dowling (@guest_380143)
26 days ago

Drop the biggest bomb on that dump. Then we can just scoop up the oil. What a waste of american lives. These people have been fighting each other since time began. We or any other nation can not take it out of them. It is in their blood, in their nature, dna now. No one could remove that ever… they will fight just to do something. What else is there to do in the sand trap they and only them would want to call home. Wash our hands of it and move on to our southern border now

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