BREAKING: Terrorists ATTACK Americans – No Police Anywhere

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  1. The people are letting them do it. So you want you it and getting it and good. Why should the police risk their lives. The courts just let them go anyway.. waste of their time.. they would get more conviction out of the busting the rest of the citizens for not wearing a mask..i am sure these crooks know it by now..

  2. according to democrats and antifa is not a terrorist group it’s a figment of our imagination. They need to declare them the terrorist group and not the right.Garland is a left wing puppet. Glad he was no put on the Supreme Court. The media has also contributed to this false narrative. They need to hold them responsible.

  3. Sad to say that you have to stand up to them. Don’t let them push you around. There always a lot them against one. If the number was even they wouldn’t pull that carp.

      1. Antifa are modern day brown shirts – making them anti-antifa, as they are nothing more than soros/social democrap’s thugs. Say hello to the great reset where antifa becomes the modern day gestapo. If you’re not scared yet you will be if & when they take away your freedoms. Time to stand up and just say NO to the dems! Before its too late.

        Go to C 0 N V E N T l 0 N O F S T A T E S . C O M sign the petition. 15 states are already in. Over 20 states have legislation in progress.
        1) fed term-limits
        2) fed balanced budget
        3) stop fed over-reach

    1. Yes exactly. Everybody who is a real American must be armed and as you say, execute all the antifascum

    2. You are so right. Antifa is a democrat terrorist organization. I totally agree with you.

    3. Most of the corrupt rich like demonrats/rinos are freemasons, its been going on thousands of years. A roman with a few different names and characters, Arius Calpernicus Piso wrote the new testament! Abelard R. figured out the code, the code told him who wrote the story! He found the real location of Mt Sanai, Moses, the tablets and the burning bush. Since discovery in 1978, no-one has disproved his findings and collected the reward for it! Many fake religions began at that time when the New Testament came into being. He wrote it to give people hope, but has deceived millions. Abelard also revealed the only true bible is the ‘Hebrew’ Bible. Even the Jews Bible was re-written at the resurrection. All religions were created/recreated at the Reclamation, including Mormons, Catholics, Lutherans, Methodist, Presbyterian, Adventist, Muslim, etc… to name a few, there are more. Its my belief that AC Piso was a freemason leader and warrior, he slayed many, he came from a rich aristocratic (writers) family. It’s this family who has made life the way it is today… all else is a puppet show they have created!

    4. The Police need to come in just like they did at Kent State University, and if they dont disburse….shoot to kill. get rid of the scourge of earth. This is Biden and his Administrations doing. They are responsible for this domestic terrorism.


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