BREAKING: Suspect Has Been Charged – Media Wont Like This

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  1. VP Harris will probably supply bail money. She and Biden are upset he is not white so they could stir up more trouble.

  2. Woops, sorry for the missed typos – – evidence that we ALL need to review what we write BEFORE we press…”send”

  3. Folks, and Rick – about the media. When I went to a big University in the Washington DC area fir “Journalism” it was the 1970s and at THAT time the “journalism” professors were teaching us HOW to make OUR opinions (view/outlook/take) be accepted as truth, real happenings, true situations – in other words to make it appear as though our personal “take” on a situation was pure truth. So…this has been going on for a LONG time – and for it to get to the University level, it was probably in “the works” even in the 1950s…when liberalism was on “growth hormones”! How do you get the REAL news…there is no ONE place but you must do your diligence by researching a topic, finding out who says what and what else they say – especially when you were first hand observer of a situation & THAT will tell you if they are truthful or not…The MOST important part is you don’t become gullible from ANY direction! It is just as important that we leave the next generation with the tools for HOW to discern truth as it is for us to teach them to LIVE the truth…some people are very, very good at “undercover lies”. Do YOUR diligence!!!

  4. No One Really cares whether the media likes “it” or Not, They are there to simply “Report” not judge or make “Comments”…. And every time they do
    Make their liberal comments…. another riot ensues !

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