BREAKING: Supreme Court ATTACKED – This Is Insane

This is the rank hypocrite leading the fight:

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  1. Has anyone read the story about the EVERGIVEN/ EVERGREEN? It’s part of the key to bringing these corrupt whacks down. Check out WE LOVE TRUMP and see all the evil things going on. Some of it is truly unbelievable! Things are coming, God is in control. We all need to keep the faith and believe. That is all that is keeping me sane right now. These Satanists need to pay for everything they have done to destroy us and our country.

  2. Have you ever noticed you don’t hear much from democrats that voted their ignorance for these idiots in office?

  3. The only goal the democrats and the left has is to stay in power they don’t care about anything else

  4. THERE NEEDS TO BE TERM LIMITS WITHIN THE CONGRESS AND HOUSE!!!!!!! This is the craziest bunch of lunatics and they all need to be gone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The Supreme Court sides with the demonRATS already!! Put it to a vote with the American people who are responsible for paying their salaries!

  6. I agree Biden is the absolute worse. But everyone, April 23rd thru April 26th keep your eyes and ears open. Something really BIG will occur and it will change the world for the better.

  7. I am against court packing, and other options to have a politicalized court.
    However, I am thoroughly disgusted by the Supreme Court’s decision not to take up President Trumps election fraud case!!
    Every court prior to that refused to review the case and would not even review the evidence! Then the media would lie and say they lacked evidence!
    When it finally reached SCOTUS, i was rdlieved and felt they would review it, justice served, and President Trump reinstated as our POTUS. I always had high regard for SCOTUS, but no more! Only Clarence Thomas and Alito. Roberts should be impeached!

  8. I totally agree with every thing said that defines the left exactly as leftists ARE. They want to own the nation, but are too stupid to keep it going for long. But by that time they will have destroyed everything worthwhile.

  9. We don’t need any one added to the Supreme Court. It’s the way the Founding Fathers invented it, and it’s worked well all these years. This is a power play by the damn Democrats, who are more corrupt than any mob family I ever read about. Somehow they must be stopped!

  10. Why are so many persons, black and white, defending career criminals and attacking the police whose job is to enforce our laws??????

  11. I want President Donald J Trump to serve as President – in fact, he should be serving now!! Unfortunately, members of the Supreme Court, the Senate and the House of Representatives were Derelict in their Duty to ensure only legitimate votes were counted. We The People need to elect those who love and have clear allegiance to the USA. In fact, we should rise up and demand the perpetrators of fraudulent practices in the 2020 General Election be charged and prosecuted for their criminal conduct. Unfortunately, I do not have available or unlimited funds to contribute!!Just make sure you stand firmly with President Donald J Trump, for the Constitution and what is right for We The People of the United States of America. If you do, I am confident the huge Silent Majority will elect/retain you to represent them. DO IT!!!

    1. I agree with you best comment yet .I pray that every thing will turn around and soon .but it’s going to take smart,educated people knowing the difference in truth ,liars,fake news,real news .brain washed Democrats will never change brainwashed is permanent. They love government hand outs too much pathetic.

    2. I agree with you 💯 plus percent.
      These Deranged DEMORATS have Destroyed enough of our Country since the first day in office.
      It’s high time for Impeachment Immediately and Removed from our White House and Capitol.
      They have broken y Oath’s to Protect America and it’s People.
      They have broken our Illegal Immigrantion Law’s. Along with Treason.
      It’s time to put the Rightful President back in Office today.
      That will be our Beloved President Trump.
      We the People all know the Election was Rigged and Stolen from us.

    3. I agree with you Ray. Can we imagine how great our country would be if the right person (President Trump) was in office since the 2020 election, where all the sneaking crooked DS stole the election. I know things are happening but our country has been sick for many, many years and thanks to Trump and the Patriots we will get our country back.

    4. Who do we step up to? Nobody wants to listen while the democrats ruin our country. We need to do something.

      1. N 0 – crazy like a fox. Go [email protected] type in A N T l F A . C 0 M see where it takes you!! LlSTEN UP: [email protected]’t [email protected] back P 0 W E R w/ D l M $ (N E 0 – K 0 M $) in [email protected] as they [email protected] take steps (very quickly this time) 2 make certain they R E l G N supreme N 0 W and 4 – e v e r: 1. Unending “$ T l M U L 0 U S” pa$$ed to @ppease the P 0 0 R and C l T l Z E N S on the edge. 2. An 0 V E R – R U N of A L l E N $ getting $ $ $ and @ M N E $ T Y & therefore @llegiance, 3. [email protected] (V 0 T E S / S C 0 T U S / (un) I N F R A – S T R U C T U R E) B l L L $ (de-vil’$ in the de-tails) ensuring the D I M $ base, hense they S T @Y l N P 0 W E R. Needs be done be-4 the [email protected]@sh of 2 2′ bites em’ in the @rse. D l M $ tried it slow w/ 0’bummer; didn’t work. L E $ $ 0 N learned. Now its a [email protected] of [email protected] – everything short of a R E V 0 L U T l 0 N. And make no [email protected] we are having “P L @ N N E D M l N l – R E V 0 L T $ due T 0 b I m & @ n t i f @. Its all about C 0 N T R 0 L.

        Best bet is the States themselves – G0 T0 C O N V E N T I O N O F S T A T E S . c o m – Using Article V to: set fed TERM-LlMlTS, get a fed BALANCED BUDGET, and stop fed govt OVER-REACH.

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