BREAKING: SHOCKING Numbers BLAST Biden – It’s Getting Worse

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jean mohr (@guest_386815)
1 month ago

By the time I think in 2 months or less Biden and the rest of his political party will find themselves in so much trouble the american people will push back hard.

cozycalico (@guest_386800)
1 month ago

Biden has to go far, far away form our government. He is destroying our country day by day. Someone do something to get both him and Kamala out of our White House before we no loger have our country.

Dick Mayhew (@guest_386958)
Reply to  cozycalico
1 month ago

I’m also wondering why our politicians are allowing Biden to even get away with what he is doing to the people and this Country.

Mary Carter (@guest_386788)
1 month ago

They will bankrupt the country and the citizens as well

James may (@guest_386795)
Reply to  Mary Carter
1 month ago

Say thank to a liberal/ democrat / progressive by beating the hell out of them, slashing their car tires and keying their cars.

There needs to be individual impacts from their ridiculous trump hatred and voter fraud.

Every liberal in America should be forced to apologize for their stupid low IQ trump hatred

Trump is thousands of times better then the scbiff show we have now.

TERRI (@guest_386781)
1 month ago

Who else would we blame inflation in?

Nancy (@guest_386910)
Reply to  TERRI
1 month ago

The blame is being laid where it has come from. The WH

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