BREAKING: Senate Candidate STUNS Liberals – NOT WRONG Though

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1-Eddie-1 (@guest_383208)
2 months ago

I have a mask that I wear as a protest when required to wear one. I get strange looks. Sometimes someone has something to say about it, they are usually democrats. I tell them that my mask works, theirs doesn’t. Mine is rated for biological and chemical agents, it is a gas mask. But even better still my mask breathes better and is more comfortable than the feedbags that people have strapped to their faces. During normal times I would never donned it in public, but times aren’t normal and sheople follow blindly. I like to point out the ridiculous nature of it.

guest (@guest_383142)
2 months ago

must watch cnn

cozycalico (@guest_383140)
2 months ago

How could he breathe running like that? My husband was a runner and he would never hhvae run with a mask on as it would not be healthy.

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