BREAKING: Ron DeSantis REMOVED – They Did It

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  1. These company,s will be whinning when president trump is reflected in 2024 he will get the 203,s in action and all these platformes who think they run it all is going to find out differantily. If he has to do it by executive order. If he does they will keep stalling it in court till time runs out to her it. And it will become law with out dem, #what go’s around comes a round. And it will be different this time all people that pedo joe nominated will be gone. Not going to make same mistake. Like last time.

  2. Time for our country to come together as one like we were, and go take back our country from these swap rats!!

    1. Amen I agree because it dont look like the Republicans or any one else in washington has any plans.all the Democrats evil just keeps piling up .how much more is it going to take to take this country back to where we were when Trump was in office? Biden ,Harris need to be impeached this was not a true election .these clowns in there have no brain ,experience in running anything. Democrats are taking this country to hell.Biden is in denial what’s going on he only is doing what he is told to do pathetic.

    1. Mental biden sadly to say is a puppet for nobama…he is out to destroy America. He should have never been President of the US…twice no less.!!! He was born in kenya and raised in Indonesia!! He never lived in America…. he is a communist through and through!!! The stupid morons voted for him because he was “black”, I was accused of being racist because I did not vote for him… I said I want an American for President not a Kenyan!!! But ignorance is bliss and the morons still go on to destroy our great American country. By the way even his maternal grand-parents hated America…

    1. Is there nobody in control that has the ability to takedown these social media places? Can no one make a law to control them? Why are these 4-5 guys in control and can control everyone’s lives. Someone needs to take them out completely.they are nazies. They are ruining everyone’s lives.. PEOPLE…….STOP USING THESE SOCIAL MEDIA sites. If everyone would quit, they would shut down.

  3. WHAT happened to Free Speech, oh yeah a supposed “WOKE” society of dimwits!!!! Including this administration. IT’S ALL about CONTROL 🤬
    They care nothing about the truth, just like little babies, they want it there way!

    1. Go to C o n v e n t i o n o f S t a t e s . c o m Using Article V to: set term-limits, a balanced budget, and stop fed govt over-reach.

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