BREAKING: Republicans Score HUGE Win – Democrats Are Furious

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Nancy (@guest_394965)
18 days ago

Good now we can maybe protect our families from what will be coming to our doors in the future

Robert F Byrd (@guest_394180)
19 days ago

I live in KY a couple of years ago KY also went no permit concealed carry, I think it is a good deterrent, If I wanted to hold somebody up with gun control I can presume they don’t have a gun, however with legal carry I must think twice this guy probably has a gun and will probably shoot me, so, I better move on, I realize there are nuts out there that don’t think but for the most part it is the GUN CONTROL ALL states should go for gun control yeah right, you ONLY HAVE TO LOOK TO CHICAGO FOR RESULTS OF GUN CONTROL, over 50 shot killed so far this weekend 2-3 children you want gun control like this????

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