BREAKING: Republicans CONFIRM It – They Are Bringing Back…

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11 Responses

  1. Can’t say honestly that I’m against bringing back the firing squad in view of high number of career criminals the Biden admin. is inviting into the country!!

  2. Why is a lethal drug not available when it is NOT in demand? I don’t even want to think we still execute people, and I know the electric chair and firing squad are inhumane and probably unconstitutional.

    Is this another stunt that Biden and administration are trying to pull a fast one again and make an executive order?

    Usually, if a person gets a death sentence, they die in prison, if not pardoned after so many years because the prisoner was framed.

    1. And Louise, What are your thoughts on some of these low life individuals that commit these crimes and are found guilty ? As to what choice do you consider they gave their victims at the time they killed, raped, or maimed them in their efforts to destroy the lives of their victims. Get off your high horse and consider if it was one of your own that has been subjected to this kind of torture. People like you are one of the reasons we have people on death row that we pay for every single day when they should not be in this world any more. They gave less then that consideration to their victims. You would be singing another song if it had been you or one of yours. And by the way how inhumane and unconstitutional is what they do to their victims and all of society?

  3. Good for them it’s about time we woke up if you can’t follow the laws of the country them you have no use in this world I would like to see public execution returned

    1. I would like to see public hangings make a comeback. 5 years is all the time that they get for appeals, after that, they hang. No technical aquittals. Up or down guilty or not guilty. No life sentence for a murder of any kind. Death!!!!!!!

    1. Yep it sure is a good move. Sitting for extended years waiting for one appeal after another is a bunch of garbage. Alturnative execution is a good thing since most of these criminals did not even give one ounce of choice to their victims.

    2. it looks like all the lethal injection doses are being used up by the higher up politicians and Hollyweird folks as they are being dealt with for crimes against humanity. why give them a choice? The disrespectable traitors and transgressors get what they get… death

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