BREAKING: Police Say NO – Rioters FURIOUS

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  1. Lets go riot, oh excuse me, not riot at their place of business and burn and loot it and then see what they the media has to say about it. Of course it would all be blamed on Trump supporters because antifa is just an idea as pinocchio Biden say’s and they are not real. Well pinocchio you are probably not real and you think you are the only one in it…

    1. It is a shame that SLO-SLUFFIN JOE ever came out of his basement,,,and I am sure that there are MMMAAAAANNNNNYYYYY DUMBOCRAPS think so now also!

  2. Those throwing frozen cans of pop and rocks and stone should be made to see
    stars. A concussion would be nice. Those sorry maggots who do that deserve
    to get the same as they dish out. These people are animals and allowed to get
    to away with way too much. If you can not act in a civilized manner then you
    should not be treated in a civilized manner. Why should anyone respect these
    people when they obviously do not respect themselves. If you yell, spit on and
    pelt the police with rocks then you deserve to get your clock cleaned in response.

  3. Cops will be better off if they go on vacation or retire now… arresting these thugs brings no results. And then the cops get a bad rap for trying to save these poor peoples businesses…. they are the real suffering people on this…

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