BREAKING: Police Have Been BANNED – This Is Crazy

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  1. Notice how descriminate all freakoid orgs are. They and many want recognition for their choices.AND WANT SPECIAL TREATMENT,WANT US TOO BE NICEY NICEY, then they slit our throats,or take our jobs,terrorize our families, ruin our businesses. Then when they get it ,is it called segregation, diversity or just plain. GANGS, CARTELS,MILITIA,TERROTISTS,ARSONIST,RIOTERS,BOMBERS,KILLERS.

  2. So ‘special’ groups/people are now making rules & expect everybody to follow. Guess it’s no worse than watching Biden destroy this country & try to give it to our enemies. Defunding police is nothing but opening the road to every crime possible with no consequences. Safer living in a rural area with meth labs & fields of pot growing – from what I’m told, they are friendly, keep to themselves, come in numbers, fully armed – definitely not about to do anything stupid to give up such a lucrative livelihood. Don’t think the ‘alphabet soup group’ or BLM ‘peaceful protestors’ would be marching in an area like that.

  3. If NYC Pride will ban corrections and law enforcement exhibitors at NYC Pride events until 2025. Then the police should not show up at all! When and if something bad happens, then so be it. That will be the fault and NYC Pride and They should be held accountable. Who do they think they are? They do not rule or dictate terms The permit for the parade should be revoked.

    1. Pride ? What on earth are they proud of??? Being mentally sick is nothing to be proud of but needs to be treated professionally.

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