BREAKING: Police Haters Won’t Like This…

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  1. T-lib? says she’s done with gov funded murder,, well who condons abortions ,t-lib? She needs to shut her trap ,she hates America. Who the he** elected her in the first place ? She needs to go home ,since its so bad here . Im so sick of all these haters . Get a flight with delta & leave if its so bad ,you won’t be missed

  2. 1st off I’m not a Racist, ALL lives matters to me.
    2nd Why is it when you see these incidents on television or on our phones that those who are injured or killed at the hand of the police.
    No.1 if they are stopped like Floyd. If they are handcuffed WHY did he still fight the cops when they had him dead to rights (wrong word for this incident)
    Floyd was on drugs and even swallowed even more before he was even being handcuffed which the officers didn’t know it.
    Still he still fought not to get into the squad car, if he would of told the officers before he got pushed into the car , he wouldn’t have been thrown to the ground with someones knee on his neck or back.
    No 2 the other black guy (forgot name) he had to have known that he had a warrant, but he pulled over like your suppose to on a traffic stop. He got out of his vehicle and then officer Potter told him that he had the warrant. WHY did he get back into his car again? The officers was going to take him to jail (like) he knew was going to happen. His mother and anyone
    there who was going to drive the car cause of the expired plates. Anyways even if he was going to get tazzed but because of the incident the officer got excited a wanted to Tazz him but instinctively pulled her gun
    who knows it over nowb instead of the tazzer gun. (This was a split decision in which there wasn’t any time to think)
    It looked like there was 4 officers on the scene, maybe with the excitement she was thinking an officer was in front of the car who knows as its over till it comes out in court. Getting to the point, why in the hell would anyone keep trying to get away or fight the officers as at least 75% of the time the offenders have to fight or not listening to the officers and then that’s when something bad happens. Please please listen to the law even when you have done something wrong. One way or another they want you to live instead of dying like these two gentlemen. I’m sorry for there loss as I know they could’ve helped then out.

  3. These idiots who want to do away with police should lead by example by doing away with their armed bodyguards and their armed guards where they live. They should feel safe as they will negotiate with intruders by giving them cookies and milk. These snowflakes are out of control.

  4. These law makers don’t even live in tgese crime ridden neighborhoods. No police no law and order… next no need for judges either.. no one to arrest criminals so no need for judges, jails, probation officer, lawyers, cut all that spending now. put it into places for the dopers to fall asleep at(crash spots). Put urinials out too.

  5. Put me in a position where I have to defend myself I will….so don’t call the police to help you…any of you..just remember you voted for this…

  6. She is worthless. Take away her security and she will be dead. She wants to keep her security and let the rest of the people die. Impeach the M—–F.

  7. Her background: wants Israel and every Jew on earth destroyed. Supports HAMAS. Despite 1 million Muslims in Israel, calls it ‘apartheid’. Supports constant shelling and terrorist attacks on Israel. Let’s all listen to the anarchist.

  8. Complete and utter stupidity and this woman should not be in politics ,she would screw up managing a car wash

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