BREAKING: Pelosi Pulls A Fast One – Red Alert

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13 Responses

  1. Pelosi is so far out of touch it isn’t even funny, she needs to be replaced along with a lot of the democrats who are out to destroy this nation

  2. Thx to Hunters dirty deeds daddy is Chinas puppet & they’ve sold out the US ! The whole world is watching Biden China circus. Lets not forget Bill Gates, George Soros Antifa – BLM & their Marxist agenda had hands in the pot too. No to mention the sneaky Clintons covering Jeffrey Epstein, his pedo human trafficking scams & stealing children. Large #s of those stolen children never accounted for, disappeared, dead ? Satanists !!

  3. We are headed down the wrong road. Those who voted for king biden: all this happening to overturn this country is all on your hands.. in other countries they cut off the hand that stole… heads can roll on these democraps…we the people will not thank you for destroying our country..all to hail with king biden and his gangsters

  4. She should be prosecuted for the self serving and financially self enriching actions she has taken. She has personally gained millions by putting forth legislation resulting in contracts and direct financial enrichment for herself, her husband, and her family. The Democrats voting for these actions are either blind, stupid, or paid off.

    1. The band of evil dems needs to either be charged with crimes against humanity, or rounded up & pay Elon to send em all off to Mars !! And Elon can give em the real mRNA before they go. Then charge Elon with the same for advocating the insane chimer creting vax’s to turn humans into emf triggered robots. Damn psycho !!

    2. Absolutely. Not only derilection of duty but also treason as she colluded with other high ranking Democrats to remove and undermine a sitting President. She has personal stocks in facebook,apple, twitter. They also donate to her campaign as well as other high ranking Dems. Then she used facebook as a weapon against not only the sitting President but also as a weapon against American citizens who dared speak out against them.

  5. Nancy is the most idiot there is. You are right she needs to be put in Joe’s basement then shipped to Mexico.

  6. Pelosi is destroying our great country. She is truly the most discusting idiot disgraceful person living in our United States. She needs to go live in Joe Biden s basement away from us who really love our country.

    1. Every single illegal in our country should be rounded up and taken to CALIFORNIA…….AND SPREAD THE OUT ALL OVER THE SATE BY THE THOUSANDS…..
      Then watch what old bag lady Pelosi does……………………she is a nincompoop through and through………….she should be thrown out of office and receive no pension ever……………………none of them need pensions automatically just by holding office…………it is ridiculous what they do to the taxpayers in America.
      Get rid of all of them………………and start over………

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