BREAKING: Numbers Are In On Biden’s HUGE Plan – This Could Devestate The Country

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9 Responses

  1. We the people are getying that sinking feeling.. this country will be a crap hole from now on. Democraps will never be out of office now.. they will make it a king biden only show now

    1. Only if we let them. “WE THE PEOPLE” need to take the country back from them, before it’s to late. “WE THE PEOPLE”, should never say NEVER, and we should never give up.

  2. But take notice: all of the Corrupt Oscumites are doing well and ciphering off more!! Bathhouse Barry AND Big Mike, Prostitute Harris,Nasty Nancy, (insane) Mad Maxine are sit hoarding dollars at taxpayers expense Any return on this unwanted expenditures? Big Mike donating his Drag Wardrobe? Not a lagging piece of humor

  3. One thing about it it has been one thing after another since he took office. What happened to unity and being transparent.
    Seems to me he ran on a different form. But he is mostly out of it, dementia, robs his mind daily. Obama has been running his third term for Joe, can’t. They knew he was this way before he ran, they planned it, before he ran, not new.

  4. This is just another ignorant step in destroying the country. This idiot boob
    has already started destroying the country and this tax fiasco is just another
    step in the Communists Democrats attempt to turn the United States of America
    into another communist country with themselves at the helm of course. They
    will be happy, healthy and warm while the rest of would be starving, homeless,
    and cold. Not a very pretty picture but who cares at least they will be happy.
    That is the bottom line with these sewer rats. They control and we obey. I say

    1. Joe Biden is the most disgraceful dishonest corrupt man in our country no wonder he has her as vp because she is a creep just like him. Impeach both of them NOW today!!!! Kamela wont even do her job. Why does she get paid.

  5. You would think that the democrats would have learned by now that when you raise taxes, prices go up, people by less, businesses shut down and people lose their jobs but then Biden has no idea what he is doing to this country

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