BREAKING: Massive Crowd REBELS – Government Panicking

Meanwhile in America: 

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  1. A little surprised that it took this long for the Brits to get fed up with the whole mess now lets see what happens next

  2. marching to d.c. only results in the feds arresting everyone. I couldn’t believe one charge they levied on one man. ” disrespecting the police”. what?? we all have seen the videos of the blacks at the blm “peaceful demolishment of business”s” during the summer of “love” in Portland. they called the police everything but men. did they get arrested??? no. why? guess!!. because they were acting on democratic orders. the fact that the 1-6 folks were peaceful meant nothing, since they weren’t there to represent the democrats. in all my years on this planet, I have NEVER heard of anyone being arrested for disrespecting an officer. they just throw charges out to see if any of them stick with the demon rat judges. almost all are bought and owned by Soros and the demon rat party. all the way up to and including the SCOTUS. Roberts is owned by the cabal,,. that is the deep state, for his involvement in certain sordid actions. most of the name brand congressmen are also owned body and soul, if they have one. we might as well shut and put up for the next four years. nothing will change for the good, you can bet on it. H.R. 1, the supposed FOR THE PEOPLE act should be renamed for THE DEEP SWAMP DENIZENS, for that is all it helps out. if you want some reading material, read what is in it. mail in forever, dominion machines for all, no I.D. verification, no proof of citizenship or pardon for felons. just a mess. but, that is what you get when you let the demon rats steal the election through various nefarious methods, and the courts just yawn. repubs need to learn how to cheat. we might win then. demon rats already have their devious people working on new cheats for 2024. we have to level the field if we ever want to win again.

  3. Lets march to DC to protest the democrat’s communist party. It should be when lieing Joe has his family 4th. of July barbeque.

    1. been there done that, not one thing gained and a lot of good people ruined for the rest of their lives. no thanks.

  4. I’m so disgusted with the rat whole called Democratic Party. We the people will have to pay the price. They will take the hardworking Americans to the cleaners . I can vomit. Trillions of unfunded liabilities the taxpayers have to cough up and they spend money like drunken sailors. Nobody in DC ever got a pay cut.

  5. Not to forget the 4 yrs. The Democrats 3ring circus to decide who should be their best of the challenge Pres. Trump for 2020 little did we know that they prefers to cheat the system , according to the latest report from judges, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, maybe Pennsylvania, cheating had merit proof.
    The consequences after the debate the party was still on both of the candidates.

    1. You are so right!!!
      President Trump was and is the real winner!!! And we the people need to take a stand against this fake president and vp soon!!!!

      1. I will Never understand how much the crooked votes were tallied so badly, and have tried to live the Golden Rule. President Trump was a different type of president than we have ever had, and it took some time for people to totally understand what he was trying to do. His abrupt way of meeting things head-on was definitely not a political way to greet problems, and I know that he taught MANY people all over the world how he deals, and how they had to deal with him to get things done. Too bad that he was cheated out of a second term, but he will NEVER be gone!! It is a forgone conclusion that he will return, and I just hope it is before the DUMBOCRAPS ruin any chances of a recovery from their crazy antics, and illegal maneurving during the next 4 years! GOD BLESS AMERICA, and DAMN THOSE THAT WOULD HARM HER!!!

      2. Write and call your representative CONSTANTLY and make him do the right thing or begin recall procedure.

    2. Exactly we need Millions and Millons of Peaceful protestors they don’t need to come to DC they can March in huge numbers all over America and stop the democrat minions BLM and Antifa from destroying their movement!
      Biden and Harris are minions of the communist OBAMA and the Chinese!

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