BREAKING: Liberals Get Bad News – Time To Shut It Down

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  1. The Hollywood clan has lived high thanks to the media and now even that cannot sustain their ineptitude! There are a few actors who maintain a high degree of professionalism, but most are mouthes unsupported by talent. In time their influence will dwindle to nil, where it should be.

  2. I have never watched any of these so called award shows, all they are is Hollywood giving themselves awards who cares I don’t

  3. move the oscars to china , thats where all the idiots belong . take brain dead biden and chamoleon hilarious with the hollywood idiots , matter of fact take all the demoturds to china . they like there gov. so much . i am sure there is about 100 million people that will help them move if not more, and maybe even pay there way.

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