BREAKING: Karma Strikes Woke Business – They Asked For It

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12 Responses

  1. I’m for Texas leading the way to red state secession.I think it’s the only way now.
    Read Kurt Schlichter’s funny and possible books on Blue vs Red America.

  2. These companies will realize that getting in with these extortion companies they will find they will bleed you dry. They will throw you away and move on to the next victim.. legal extortions now. If you don’t pay up we will label your company racist

  3. Disappointed in Walmart, Home Depot and all the others. Can’t understand businesses working against the very country and people who made them successful. Gonna move on to companies who are proud to be American.

  4. Because we have alot of dumb-a running our government no name mentioned. I stopped going to Walmart and any other woke stores, instead of woke we need to change it to wake-up Americans and kick woke to the cirb

  5. I really think this country is killing itself. CEOs of big companies weighing in on politics when they don’t know which end is up! Athletes refusing to stand and salute the flag, claiming racial injustice while they sock away millions of dollars. The president lying to our faces (or maybe he just doesn’t know the truth from a lie) and nobody in the media calls him on it. The Border is being crashed and Joe Biden and the main-stream media pretend it isn’t happening. But here’s something else nobody is paying attention to: The PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE is no longer recited in our public schools. There is a whole generation growing up who will NOT know the words to the pledge, much less the National Anthem. Maybe they won’t even recognize the flag for which this nation stands. These young children are being taught to HATE AMERICA!!! We are Lemmings running towards the cliff!

    1. Very well put you nailed it,I agree 100% the sad part is our children and thier children are the ones who will suffer the most unless something is done very soon

    2. Carol, you forgot in the biden blame game, it is President Trump’s fault that this is all happening. Under President Trump’s presidency, none of this was happening. He believes in America, American exceptionalism, our constitution and bill of rights and the American people. Clueless joe doesn’t. His EOs and radical left administration is destroying America. I fear that might kids and grandkids are going to see dark days in their future if something isn’t done to stop joe and the radical left’s agenda. I am an 81 year old retired military veteran seeing the incredible damage being inflected by joe’s policies and administration on our great nation. I blame the voters and people overseeing the election results that allowed this man to become President.

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