BREAKING: Kamala Issues Nasty Threat

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7 Responses

  1. Kamala Harris is an ignorant bimbo! She wont do her job that she is paid to do. How much does she get paid to be vice president??? She is discustingly corrupt. Does she do anything correct?? Impeach Kamala Harris Now!! Before she does any more harm to our country. She is a shame of a woman. Not Lady. Impeach

  2. This woman is a political whore. Sorry, she will suck up to whatever takes her the farthest in wealth and fame. She should not be involved in our Government period. Yet there sits the Token VP of all time. America has made mistakes in the past, but to be frank, we may not survive this one!

  3. This Bimbo Harris epitomizes Total Stupidity and needs to be thrown out!! She’s an Anchor Baby and according to the Constitution Cannot be elected to a Federal Position!!! She is an “Anchor Baby” therefore not born of American Citizen parents!!! Her father was a slave trader and owned slave in Jamaica, her mom was from India, they were not married when Kamala was born nor were they American Citizens or even green card holders!!! They were apparently Illegal when Kamala was born un USA Soil!!! By Constitutional Law, she cannot be an elected federal official!! She lives off the time she spent with the help (and apparent service) she gave to Com Willie Brown of San Francisco while he was married!!!

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