BREAKING: Kamala Harris Caught RED-HANDED – This Is Sick

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Kathy Carter (@guest_381095)
24 days ago

The news media can try all they want to make Harris look good the American people can see she is a incompetent person If she worked A regular job she would have already been fired.Between her and Joe they both should go.🙏🏾

cozycalico (@guest_380653)
25 days ago

I don’t know which is worse Biden or Kamala. At least Biden has a medical problem that could account for a lot of his gaffes.

Robert Hemann (@guest_380581)
25 days ago

I think fuaci should be arrested for murder and espenage he and China and cdc hurt a lot of people around the world. I can’t believe how anybody else can not be with this . They used us as Ginny pig and now there starting another one even tho there a lot of people haveing bad side affects

tony Burgess (@guest_381071)
Reply to  Robert Hemann
24 days ago

Robert your correct and he needs to be held accountable. Instead our Gov is paying him millions. I’m sick of him and his lies . Action need to be taken against him. Before more people die

Michael S Dowling (@guest_380556)
25 days ago

Worst so called whatever the media claims this is

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