BREAKING: Kamala Harris Caught On Video – Ouch

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32 Responses

  1. Now the Biden administration has gone and insulted one of our allies way to go, a very poor showing by Harris seemed to just ramble on

  2. Even if we find a loop hole in the constitution we would need the Supreme Court to rule on this issue and that would be like sending a snow ball to Hell and expect it not to melt.

  3. The Democrats cheated like always. It shows you they had no one to run. One is in the the middle of dementia and the other is not fit for any office. We need the cheaters out. They are destroying our country. Open your eyes and ears people!!!

  4. Jim Crow Joe and Lock’em Up Harris & the Democrats CREATED this TOXIC atmosphere and now they want to put the BLAME on any citizen that knows it.

  5. The death of america has begun… it started as soon as king biden stole commard of the usa . We the people are doomed. It has only been under 100 days and the worst is yet to come

    1. Remember history Michael. On Dec 7 1941 Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan. You might say they won that attack. History also recalls a Japanese Admiral who was against this attack is quoted, “WE HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT WOKE UP A SLEEPING GIANT”. “HENCE, THE GREATEST GENERATION WAS BORN”. Again history proves it happened once it will happen again. Unfortunately the enemy is within and amongst us. BUT OF COURSE THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE.

  6. Harris is a disgrace to the united states, she is shallow, and uncaring of anything but herself, how she ever got elected is beyond me, I know she slept her way up, otherwise how on earth did she get where she is today… somebody please get rid of the scum that she is.

  7. We need to study the articles of our Constitution, find a loophole to recall a former President in a National Crisis, like Biden. Para legals, attorneys,
    other knowledgeable Christians Conservatives let’s all jump into this challenge and find something we can use to GET THIS IDIOT OUT OF OFFICE.
    WE do have a National Crisis on our hands. Biden is going to END AMERICA the country we all love. GET BUSY. Our representatives with any fortitude
    should be filing impeachment charges on both of these idiots. Why aren’t they doing it? Write to your Congressman, your Senators.


    2. I totally agree. BUT this will not happen unfortunately. What will happen as history shows us and it happened before on our soil is a “REVOLUTION”. Simply put this corruption that is raging in government and big business will come to an end. Why history shows when you take away everything from the people and they are pushed into a corner only one way to go. Look at mother nature, all animals are the same. As to take away guns what a joke. It is proven that there are more weapons in the hands of the citizens than all the Army. Biden and his morons think that the Army will attack their own family. Yea Sure. What is he smoking. WE WERE A PEOPLE OF THE RULE OF LAW. Corruption, media, big business is taking that away, think not just look around you.

      1. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, both of these feckless, braindead, criminals have the mark of the beast all over their bodies. The devil even takes orders from the braindead lunatic idiot. The whole damn bunch of em are nothing but political BABY KILLING MACHINES. They all have got to go.

      2. Yes but she has company in Biden that is even worse. I am honestly worried about what our country will be at the end of 4 years o these two idiots. they must not get away with packing the court. I wish these 4 years would hurry up and go by so we can get back to making America great again whether with Trump or some other Republican with Trump’s support.

        I keep thinking of “Are we there yet” I am as anxious to be there as those kids in the movie. This is going to be the longest 4 years in history. Hopefully, we still have a country at the end of 4 years.

      1. She’s worse than a hyena she is a whore. She slept her way to get where she is. Our former governor Jerry Brown admitted he had an affair with Kamala and he gave her her first position which started all this laughing hyena on her way.

    3. They sure did not have any problems with their nit picking for President Trump. He followed and believed in the Constitution. Biden and Obama have ignored the Constitution (provable) broken the Constitution, lied, support(ed) our enemies and that is fine. How much more can we take?

    4. Yes they should be taken out of office put on a space rocket to a planet far far away
      Take Pelosi and crying chuck. Those people are worst than stupid the are a danger to the American way of Life. They are morally corrupt.

    5. When were the rules requiring minimal knowledge of the civic system and language of our nation abandoned?

      The number of US citizens no knowing oe speaking ANY of the language is dismal! And those wo can not speak it properly is even worse! Hasn’t been very long ago that “civil rights” leaders were shouting the educational system was not fair to negroes cause it didn’t teach “ebonics!” a made up slang language of negros! Now there are more spanish speaker than english speakers in many areas. all the illegal for the last 40 years were not required to learn english before they were granted citizenship! hadn’t really thought about this before but Dems probably did this on purpose – just look for the blue elephant and vote a straight ticket!!!!!

    6. How is she there to begin as her parents were not natural born citizen 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

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