BREAKING: Kamala CALLED OUT On Lying To America – Numbers Show All

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  1. Harris is in the same leaky boat as maxine waters. They should both be put in a leaky boat, hog tied and aimed strait into the atlantic with little fuel then left to their punishment of sinking and never heard from again.they are both deadly poison to the future of america.i have no mercy for either of them. They both strive to destroy the peace and tranquility of the USA. Good riddance to them both.and maybe even add biden to the boat.we dont need hateful hipocrtical inexperienced vermin alledgedly running this country into the ground and making it a laughing stock to the world leaders.

  2. Neither was Obama and that never stopped them. He was born in Nigeria. He also stole the votes to force his way into the White House.

  3. And the corporations want cheap labor to drive down wages. We The People are supposed to pay for their keep so we can be “outvoted” in elections. As I have said for a couple of months, now, Illegal aliens ARE the Democrats’ people. We will eventually be replaced with them.

  4. The root cause is because The Democrats opened the Mexican borders. The Canadian borders is now undermanned. The Democrats just want the illegal immigrants to come there so they can vote for Democrats in the up coming elections.

  5. DemocRAT Kamala Harris is NOT LEGALLY qualified to be Vice President!!! She is an “Anchor Baby”!! Her mom is from India and her dad was a Slave Trader and slave owner from Jamaica and were NOT married at the time of Kamala’s mom’s pregnancy or birth!!! Neither was a USA Citizen or even in the process to get a green card which means Harris is NOT LEGALLY qualified to be Vice President.

    1. Neither was Obama and that never stopped them. He was born in Nigeria. He also stole the votes to force his way into the White House.

  6. If our wonderful President lied to the people like cameltoes does routinely he would have been impeached. The heifer is lying about our national security. They , the heifer and slimy Biden, both need to be impeached for not enforcing our immigration laws. They have refused to protect our national security. If they were forced to pay for all these illegal aliens support out of their pockets they would be deported overnight

    1. Joe from Georgia Your 100%
      I don’t inderstand WHY Biden can get away with all the Wrong he has Done He DID NOT WIN THE ELECTION HE WAS GIVEN IT by all THE MAKE BELIEVE Voters. Please IMPEACH THEM BOTH NOW The Immigration’s are over Running our Country who will SUPPORT THEM??? US BIDEN SHOULD with the REST OF THE DEMS I PRAY THIS ALL COMES DOWN ON BIDEN”S AND HARRIS”S HEADS

  7. What do you expect? She doesn’t know how to tell the truth! How the hell did we get into this disgraceful mess? Oh, yeh, Pelosi and crew did their magic creating mysterious voters, Biden-100% – Trump 0%

  8. How come none of the stories u email to me can be read? It’s all about buying a Trump coin. Wth is that

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