BREAKING: Justice Ginsberg Is BACK – Left Won’t Like This

She’s opposing court-packing from the grave:

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7 Responses

  1. The way the Supreme Court has helped America and Americans in the past few months, Democrats won’t have to pack the courts. The 9 that are in there now are doing a GRAND JOB for the Democrats.

  2. Well, Well, Well, justice Roberts didn’t want to take the Trump voter fraud case, afraid of protesters and court packing.The Supreme Court and it’s justices are the last hope and they failed to do their jobs. Only the ones who voted to hear the case, I’m proud of you men. I always thought the democrats were going to try and pack the court matter what. So watch out justices you may not have a life time jobs anymore.

  3. Democraps Might as well pack the courts. They have everything else in their control. Media, censorship, internet, schools, states, the new woke white…. they will shut you down next.. they only feed on dispair and fear.. the democraps need someone to beat down to keep the fear going… when all others are gone you will be next.. cummunism in it’s infancy..

    1. Another four over paid DemonCraps we can’t afford to pay and overturn OUR COUNTRY!
      Get involved with your local emRepublican Elections. Ask what you can do.

    2. No expanding the court! This is the baddest idea yet of these stupid power grabbing Dems. They must be stopped from doing this any way possible and legal.

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