Judge blocks Louisiana “trigger ban” on abortion

A Louisiana “trigger ban” meant to automatically prohibit abortion after Roe v. Wade was overturned has been blocked by a judge, Fox News reported.

Orleans Parish Civil District Court Judge Robin Giarrusso blocked three laws meant to take effect if and when the 1973 ruling, which conferred the constitutional right to an abortion, was invalidated.

The suit against the laws were led by a coalition of abortion groups, with the Center for Reproductive Rights at the head.

Their argument: The laws violated the due process rights of abortion providers and “lack constitutionally required safeguards to prevent arbitrary enforcement.”

“The groups also argue that the laws are overly vague, as they do not include a specific start date beyond the end of Roe,” Fox News reported.

Louisianas laws would prohibit abortion unless the mother is facing serious injury or death.

No exceptions are provided for rape or incest.

Giarrusso will next hear arguments on the lawsuit on July 8.

At that time, the court will rule on whether to keep the stay in place.

The ruling could have consequences outside of Louisiana, given the number of states that have trigger bans of some sort.

At the time that the court ruled on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health on Friday — the Mississippi abortion case which finally dealt Roe a death blow — 13 states had trigger bans.

Those bans either ended abortions immediately upon Roe’s overturning or put them in place after a prescribed period of up to 30 days.

In addition to those 13 states, Ohio has banned abortions since the decision.