BREAKING: Joe Biden REJECTS Science – He Refuses to…


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  1. The CDC answers to Leftists & Fauci, I won’t do anything they suggest especially if it comes from Fauci or his people!! 99.2% of most Americans are protected by “Herd Immunity” like it has been for many decades. When we were kids and someone got sick in school, we all went to their homes for a day. Just a few got sick but not very sick and the rest of us never caught whatever the illness was. How many times have a number of flu viruses come and gone here in the USA??? Most of us already have “Herd Immunity” except those who have been sick with other ailments non-related to any of the Flu viruses!! The Liberals are trying to blame everything on COVID to stop Trump’s re-election when in fact it was bought and paid for to the Chinese CCP with Taxpayer $$$$ by the Obama/Biden Administration!!!!

  2. Why ignore CDC rules then?
    What gives
    Biden the mask freak
    On meds to make outlandish statements or Dementia setting in?
    Bad advice from handlers

  3. This freaking idiot cant even keep up with his mask…dumbest man on earth….oh well atleast we do not have to see his ugly LYING FACE!!! EVERYTHING OUT OF HIS IGNORANT MOUTH US A LIE…IMPEACH THIS CLOWN

  4. Well, there goes another lie. He swore he would “follow the Science” when he was elected. Did this man ever tell the truth?

  5. What we have in the WH is complete lunacy, I hope it end’s soon. No more dems in power… take mask off now.

  6. biden an harris take off your mask and go to the border please talk with the ones in obama and biden cages

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